How do I make my ad stand out?

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Submitted: January 04th, 2013
By: Adam Shields

In order to make your ad stand out when advertising in a print medium you need to grab the reader’s attention VISUALLY. “Print’s power to build brand awareness, to involve the reader, to drive purchases and create need rely heavily on a single element: visual appeal. Print needs to capture attention to be effective.”1 This can be accomplished by using bright colours, pictures, illustrations or even designing your ad in an odd shape.
Colours that tend to stand out from all the others are red, blue and yellow. The best way to use these colours is to highlight key points of information that you want the readers to stop and read. “Colour ads increase stopping power. A full-colour ad doesn’t just draw the reader’s attention—it captures it! A colour ad boosts in-depth reading 60 percent more than black-and-white ads.”2 That’s a pretty impressive statistic.
Visuals (pictures and illustrations) are another key in grabbing the reader’s attention and drawing them into your ad. When you compare an ad with visuals to an ad that has no visuals the statistics speak for themselves. According to the Newspaper Association of America, “Ads with visuals that occupy about 50% of the total ad space are nearly 30% more likely to attract readers. Plus, when a visual makes up nearly 75% of the ad space, readers are 48% more likely to take note of the ad.”
As you can see, visuals in your ad truly do make a difference in making your ad stand out from the crowd. If you are advertising a specific product, try and get a picture of the product in use. This will help the readers to visualize themselves using the product. If you are advertising a service that doesn’t lend itself to an image, use a picture that symbolizes the message you are trying to get across.
I always recommend for advertisers to use pictures of themselves or staff in their ads because people want to do business with people they know and/or trust.
So for the next ad you run in a print medium, remember to make sure that the ad is visually appealing. This way you can increase the chances of your ad being seen, read and acted upon.
References: 1. “How Powerful is Print” by Marketing; 2. “2009 Newspaper Advertising Planbook”
by the Newspaper Association of America.

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