Getting your name out there

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Submitted: April 03rd, 2013
By: Brad Marple, General Manager/Print Division

There are many ways to get your business' name in front of people. Most obviously, there is the traditional route of advertising in publications such as Business Link Newspaper but there are other options as well.

Other means range from business cards to post cards, rack cards, brochures and beyond. Another great way to get your business in the public's eye is vehicle wraps. This gives you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, advertising. I notice and read every wrapped vehicle I see drive by. It is impossible not to notice them when driving or at a stop light or in a parking lot.

It is very important to keep your business name at the forefront.

Branding your company is very important. At Business Link Media Group we offer great print packages for businesses just starting up or those who are rebranding. These packages are designed to cover all your bases. You can contact me at 905-512-2800 to discuss further.

The branding of your business is crucial and this is why choosing a company logo and statement is extremely important. You want a logo that stands out and is memorable. This will be the part of your branding that people will recognize. Business Link Media Group has a great graphics department that can help in designing any of your branded materials.

Whether you are looking to advertise in any of our publications, help with your branding or print any materials for you, let Business Link Media Group help grow your business.