Being a new mom in business

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Submitted: April 26th, 2013
By: Melanie Moreau

It’s 7:55 am on a Monday morning, and I’ve just come barreling into the office with green tea in one hand and my notebook in the other. I sit down in our boardroom as everyone watches me and I sigh heavily. How can it be before 8 am, and I feel like I’ve already worked a full day. Welcome to the world of a working Mom! It’s a role that you will never understand until you live it, requires little sleep, can appear thankless but has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Sure I miss the old days sometimes when I would blast the music, hop in the shower and take my time to get ready in the morning. I’ve traded that for morning books, giggles, poopy bums, teething, crying, singing- all before 8am and wouldn’t change it for anything. The area of struggle for me comes in the after work activities. It has always been important for me to attend trade shows, networking events, community events and to spend time in support of causes I believe in. Nowadays I have to carefully weigh the guilt I will feel by not getting to put my daughter to bed, and possibly miss hearing a new word she has learned, or playing outside at the park. It’s a delicate balance to try to strike, and for me personally has meant choosing a few events to go to every month, and while I’m there- really making them count. It’s helped push me to really manage my time and spend my work day focused on work, and my off time focused on my family. Did I mention that I have crammed 5 days of work into 4 days? It’s another way to add some quality mom and baby time, while still continuing to achieve success in my career. Staying out of the business world was never something I considered, even though I love my daughter to no end, and intend to have more children. Learning to juggle both worlds is something that is important to me, and while I may drop a few balls sometime, I always pick them back up and try again.